Use your time more efficiently

We understand the loss of production incurred by your business every time a vehicle is brought into town for service or repairs. To combat this, at no extra cost we will provide you with a pick up service from your workplace.

Our expertly trained staff will make their own way to the pick up point, then return the vehicle to the designated point of contact upon completion of the repairs. This process not only offers a convenient pickup service, but more importantly, allows us to drive and test the vehicle both before and after servicing, ensuring we can check for such things as brake shudder, noises, vibrations, wheel balance and/or wheel alignment issues that may require further diagnosis or attention whilst within our care.

At the completion of the process, we will also contact the driver directly to make them aware of the availability of the vehicle, as well as a run down of works carried that day.

Onsite breakdown recovery & emergency response

With clients in many industries, we understand the pressure you may face in meeting your commitments to your clients and stakeholders.

To assist, we offer complementary roadside assistance for our client’s cars in the Latrobe Valley area.

We can also offer to be on call 24/7 for immediate emergency vehicle or machinery breakdown or repairs during major projects, major events, shut downs or other time critical occasions where an emergency response could be required. Whether it be corporate, commercial, mining or agriculture, we do not charge a fee to be on call — we simply require at least one to two weeks notice prior to the event to assist us in organising on-call staff.

We also have our very own tilt tray recovery truck. This means our fleet customers can enjoy a prompt pickup service, at no more than $99 for any local tow or recovery.

Clear communication means one less thing to worry about

Our clients enjoy regular service reminders based on agreed schedules of time or kilometres. Though your staff may forget to book in their services, we won’t… We’ll take it into our hands to let you know when its time to get your vehicles in.

With preventative maintenance reports provided each and every time a vehicle visits our workshop, our exceptional customer service is the product of a clear channel of communication. You know where you stand, and you’re told clearly, and promptly.

Our courtesy cars come completely fitted out with old fashioned courtesy

We proudly offer loan vehicles to our clients ‘as a courtesy’ — meaning you don’t pay extra. This is how we’ve always done it, and this is the way it should be. It’s all part of the old fashioned service. We appreciate your understanding that bookings are essential.

How we will reduce your servicing and maintenance costs

Given the volume of work required by a company of your size, we are happy to offer a capped or fixed price fleet service plan which will assist your management with financial planning and budgeting. As we are likely to be up against dealerships in any cost comparison, we would also like to reiterate the added long term value you will enjoy by securing a working relationship with Ayres Automotive.

Beyond a simple price comparison, your company will enjoy the long term benefits provided by our ‘good old fashioned service’, or what we consider, the hidden extras — provided at no extra cost — that ensure we give you added value, each and every time we undertake work on your vehicle.

From the extra time we invest in carrying out thorough inspections, to the additional labour and parts required to ensure lubrication and adjustments to all parts of your vehicles, it is just another example of the unnoticed extra lengths we go to at Ayres Automotive. A little bit of extra effort by us, a lot of extra long term benefit for you.

Easy payment plans

We are setup as a merchant for most major fleet companies, which takes the hassle out of account management.

For new clients not already committed to an existing payment plan, our preferred payment method is with the MotorTradeCard (MTC) program, owned and backed by VACC.

As one of Australia’s fastest growing trading networks, we are very excited to introduce our new fleet customers to the service as it provides mutual benefits for both parties. Joining takes very little extra effort.

MotorTradeCard ensures the best terms for both your company, and ours. On completion of the repair or maintenance works, we invoice MotorTradeCard directly, and at an extra cost incurred by us, we get paid promptly within 48 hours. You then enjoy the benefits of 30 or 60 day interest free terms with a credit limit of $50,000, payable directly to MotorTradeCard.

The benefits are significant, with reduced admin costs, better cashflow, increased monitoring of spending, and a streamlined process. What’s more, the list of sublet contractors using the MotorTradeCard is growing rapidly and will likely be your method of payment for a number of services in the near future. Cap this all off with a reward points scheme which brings you greater value and benefits, we have no hesitation in recommending MotorTradeCard as our preferred payment program.

We are happy to discuss this further in person, or to gather your own information please visit the MTC website.